early issue air police badge Google Fly Over Shot of Westover AFB early issue air police badge

The time period covered by the "Cold War" in which Westover played such a vital role, was real. People died; Troops were killed, aircraft were both lost and shot down. It wasn't a period of "Peace" it was a time of intense deliberate aggression between East and West.

Westover being the headquarters of the 8th AF, was responsible for more than just the 99th Bomb wing. It was the central intelligence gathering point for every bomb wing east of the 2nd Air Force in Barksdale LA. At Westover, intelligence briefings were prepared on a daily bases, targets assigned, and counter strikes planned coded and transmitted every morning to every Bomb Wing within the 8th from Headquarters 8th at Westover.

If there is one point I would make regarding Westover it is this: We were at war with the Soviet Union, their philosophy, their tactical procedures, and their quest for dominance every second of every day of every month of every year. We put our lives on the line to defend the principles of this Nation and many of us died doing it.


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