Memories From Westover

Submitted By Don Crawford - On Base Dependant.

I was born at Westover in 1961 while my father was stationed there as a crew chief on the 135s. We left for Mather AFB in 1966.

I had three run-ins with the Air Police. To me the SP will always be AP's.

1. My friend set a fire and I remember the men in their white hats coming to talk to me about it.

2. I got lost at the base air show as we went through a fire truck, an AP took me in as I was crying up a storm until my dad came after being paged that we have your son.

3. One bright and early morning my brother and I snuck out of the house and ended up down by the main gate. My mother got a call from the AP's at the front gate stating we have your sons.

So as you can see the security police also performed some humanitarian missions as well.

Thank you for the web site

Don Crawford

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