Memories From Westover

Submitted By David Sabourin.

* I remember guard mount in the base hanger.....I remember Mr Whitfield my first flight commander on C flight late in 1960.....I remember being transported to posts in the back of some stake body trucks not always enclosed...brrrrr cold in the hands being so cold I didn't have enough muscle control to pull the slide back and clear my 45.....I remember RMST after doing an 8 hr shift for a total of 16 hrs except during alerts when we worked 12s...then you worked 36 hr in a row......I remember GHTs, ORIs etc.....I remember three alert areas...A, B & C. The xmas tree was part of A with a checkpoint to enter.....I think five 52s there....stub 3, 5, 7 on one side of the taxiway and 4 & 6 on the other...I remember stub 16 & 17 out by the end of the runway just opposite the tree.......B area was KC 135s and C area was KC 97s.......I remember gate 17, gate 25 and the gate at the mole hole.......I remember the blast shields behind B area and the rats that lived behind them.......I remember Base Ops just behind the base hanger, The DC hanger in the middle of the flight line with the civilian workers from Boeing called "Skyspeed".

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