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On The Site 2007

December 2007


Frank Mudey from the 814th CDS and the 99th SPS (1963-1967) has signed into the site. Welcome, glad you found us Frank.


Timothy G. Brock Msgt (Ret) from the 439th SFS Westover ARB has provided a rare floor plan of building 1900 (SPPL-Space Photography Processing Laboratory). The floor plan is dated revision #1 June 1969. The actual processing lab is a area of 43 circles which represent the chemical tanks used in the development of film. It is found in the upper left of center of the photo. You will note that the name of the facility has been changed to: Special Projects Production Facility. Check it out [Here]


All of the documents found by Timothy G. Brock Msgt (Ret) from the 439 SFS Westover ARB have been posted on the "Squadron Bulletin Board" Page. check them out [Here] Scroll down to the bottom of the page and see the first five items.


Timothy G. Brock Msgt (Ret) from the 439 SFS Westover ARB has uncovered historical 4050th and 814th APS Squadron documents dating from 1956 and 1957. They will be posted as soon as I can clear them up a little. Many Thanks go out to Msgt. Brock.

(12/9/07) The first document has been posted, check out SOP NR. 107 [Here] Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

November 2007

October 2007:


William F. Martley Msgt. (ret) from the 99th SPS (1972-1974) has signed into the site. Welcome, glad you found us Msgt.

September 2007:


More memories from the past by David Sabourin. Check them out [Here]


Additionl photos have been added to the "photos From The Past page." Check them out [Here]

August 2007:


Squadron member David Sabourin signed in from the web site and sent his information regarding dates stationed at Westover to our webmaster. Welcome aboard Dave!


New photos from Ray Smith and Tom Fitch added to the "Photos From The Past" page.


Squadron members Raymond Smith and Mike Regan both did a search on the 814th CDS from web search engines and up popped our web site, Ray sent us an email and Mike signed the Guest Book. Welcome to the site Ray and Mike.

July 2007:


Dave Broeker has given his permission to permit the 814th website to use his photos of the time he spent at Westover to be added to the "photos from the past" web page. The first few photos have been added with many more to come. Thanks Dave !


Check the Squadron Bulletin Board for troops who have filled out the survey and have been added to the list of located members.[Here]

June 2007:

The month of June saw four past Squadron members add their names and comments to the growing number of veterans who have signed in.

May 2007:


Tom Fitch passed along an outstanding Security Police Memorial in MS Power Point format. it is presented here for you as we enter the Memorial Day Weekend. Click here


Just a small note to all who check this page on a regular bases. The month of May has been extradinarily busy for me and I apologize for not keeping up with the correspondence and updating the information that all of you have been so gracious in providing. I am doing my best to prioritize items and will get them up as soon as I can. Thanks for understanding, and keep those photos and stories coming in. We need them all to help the site grow. ~ Alan (your webmaster and site owner)

April 2007:


Two official USAF unit Lineage Histories have been added to the site. We have received the USAF Unit Lineage And Honors History for the 814th and the 99th SPS. these reports along with the official award of Meritorious Service to the 99th SPS can be found [Here]


Check the Squadron Bulletin Board for troops who have filled out the survey and have been added to the list of located members.[Here]

March 2007:


Our own Bill Allen has provided a packet of photos from 1964 to 1966. Check the new photos on the "Photos from the Past" page [Here]


Check the Squadron Bulletin Board for troops who have filled out the survey and have been added to the list of located members.[Here]


A new item has been entered on the "Interesting Items In The History Of The 814th CDS" page having to do with Stony Brook. Check it out [Here]


A new item on the Links page has been developed. Check out "Interesting Items In The History Of The 814th CDS"[Here]


A new introduction on the background of this site has been added. It was thought that it would enable the visitors to the site to better understand the reason and purpose of why the site was developed. That page can be found [Here]

February 2007:

We have started an additional new page (Stories From The Flight Line) It is hoped that past members will submit remembrances from duty at Westover, some humorous some not. That page can be found here.To start the ball rolling I have posted a personal happening that took place on Christmas Eve 1958, my first winter on the Westover Ramp.

There is a change to the members page on the site. The page lists the names of those past members that have contacted us. We have listed their names, dates they were at Westover, and their Squadron affiliation. That page can be found here. You will note that some of the names are in bold print. This indicates that the individual has provided a photo and/or additional information regarding contact information. Just click on the name that is in bold print and a new page will open with this information. It is hoped that as new members are found a master contact list can be developed.

I am currently working on a new page for the site (it's still being worked on but you can take a look here) examining the process of providing security for nuclear weapon convoys from Stony Brook to the up load area on the ramp at Westover. If anyone could provide me with some memories of this I would sincerely appreciate it. Thanks.

6. A roster of the airmen who were assigned to the 814th APS from the 4050th Air Police Squadron has been posted on the "life At Westover" page. look under "The Year is 1956"

5. I'm still going through the huge packet of information that Bill Allen let me review for a few days. Bill went TDY twice and managed to save a very good record of his duty with the 814th. His records are the source of two items here on the Squadron Bulletin Board. I need a few mores days Bill.

4. Received a packet of information via email from Jack Donahue regarding the history and lineage of the 814th Combat Support Group. This information has been entered into the beginning narrative on the "Life at Westover" page.> It helped clear up the time line of when the 814th CDS was moved within the organizational structure of the different commands at Westover. A hot link to the PDF file is now on the page so visitors to the site can examine this information. Thanks Jack !!

3. Thanks to Bill Allen We now have solid proof that the 814th was moved from under the 814th Combat Support Group to the 99th Bomb Wing and redesignate the 99th Security Police Squadron some time within the first 5 months of 1968. Bill's Separations documents indicate he separated from the 99th Security Police Squadron under Special Order A-1260. What we need now are a copy of the orders that transferred all 814th Personnel over to the 99th. Can anyone help in this?

2. On the "who-we-protected" page, several new hot links have been added to the informational pages for the 57th Air Division and the 99th Bomb Wing. The 337th Fighter Interceptor Squadron has also been added to the growing list of the operational units that the 814th were tasked to protect.

1. The new location for the 814th [] is now up and running on a separate server and can be reached [here] . It should provide faster service and space for the site to grow. Please remember to update your book marks to our new location. If you run across any errors at the new location, please contact us so we can find and correct them.

January 31, 2007:

2. Several new imbedded pages have been added to the "Life At Westover" page. You can have some fun checking them out by clicking on the "hot" links. There is a great deal of information there, some rather interesting. For example, did everyone know that there was a 99th Air Refueling Wing at Westover?

1. The URL has been purchased and the site will be moved over to the new location in the next few days. It is hoped that the new URL will be easer to remember and the search engines will find it without too much difficulty.

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