in memory and honor
Lt. Colonel William H. Wise. Photo used with the written permission of CMSgt. Robert Frink
Lt. Colonel William H. Wise
As a Captain, William H. Wise served as
Commanding Officer of the 814th CDS April 1958 - August 1960
[photo used with the written permission of: CMSgt. Robert Frink]

Earlier this year the web site received an email from former member of the 814th CDS, Pat Bowden. Pat served at Westover in the late'50s and early '60s. Pat noted at the end of his email that the 814th's commanding officer Capt. William H. Wise, is the same Lt. Col. Wise of "Operation Safeside." A quick check of available records revealed an order signed by Capt. William H. Wise, commanding officer of the 814th CDS, dated June 1, 1959. This is important for several reasons but primarily because Lt. Col. Wise is considered, by those who are aware of USAF Security Police history, to be one of the originators of USAF Security Forces training and tactics used successfully in Vietnam and, currently with updated revisions, by USAF SFS's world wide. Operation "Safeside" was the proto-type which lead to the formation of 1041st, 821st, 822nd, and the 823rd Combat Security Police Squadrons which served with distinction in Vietnam.

After a flurry of emails and phone calls, it now has been established that this is indeed the case. Lt. Col. Wise's Sergeant Major, CMSgt Robert Frink, has been contacted and has agreed to provide Lt. Col. Wise's biographical data. Check this page for future information regarding the 814th's own Capt. William H. Wise and his contribution to the training and tactics used by the USAF's Security Forces in Vietnam. For more information on the history of "Safeside" click [Here].